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Friday, July 06, 2007

From the Mouths of Michaelites

... whose angels always see the Father's face. I had a great time teaching a small course on evangelism last week to some of the conferees at the St. Michael's Conference. One of the skills that we discussed was the development of a personal story about faith in Christ. The kids did a beautiful- and moving-job. They learned to develop an interesting title, a clear structure, and an inviting conclusion. This week, they will each be sending their personal story to an unchurched family member or friend.

This one in particular brought tears to my eyes.

He is My Love

Before I met Him, I was the not the type of person I would want to introduce myself to. I was a little less than an average teenager. Of course I already knew Him. I grew up learning about Him, but I never really got face to face. That summer I came to St. Michael's and that's where it started. I got kind of interested. Then I started taking Him seriously, and not just going through the motions. After that, I continued into it. The summer after, I went to Camp Crucis and met other great Christian people who were true friends. We were singing in chapel one day and I looked over and saw my friend smiling at me from the distance and something inside me just clicked. That moment, I realized that I was His child, that He loved me. I knew that I was supposed to be a Christian. From then on, the most simple things came to be so amazing to me. A friend smiling was Him saying "Thank you. I love you." Or singing, it made me feel energized and ready to yell out to the world that I loved Him more than anything. After I left camp and up to now, I see Him in everything I see or do. Now I know that I love Him, and He is my Savior and He is Jesus. Now its your turn. Go and find Him because He is looking for you. If you need help, you have me to turn to. Go and find love for yourself. It's truly amazing.

-Miss Liza Donor, age 13.