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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fr. WB Speaks: There is No Plain Sense of Scripture (as we can see)

"The notion that there is "a plain sense" of Scripture, and correlatively that Scripture alone should govern our life in Communion, is mistaken. It is belied by the existence of many thousands of Protestant denominations, all of which have their origin in disagreements over what Scripture says."

A little more here.

Corroborating evidence can be found at Doug's heartbreaking post for the day on "how to leave a church honorably."

"One way that supreme covenant finds expression is through the “mini” covenant of their relations and duties to Christ’s local church. Because Christians are in covenant with Christ, they are to be in covenant with a local church. They are not (united) to the local church, but they are to be in a state of formal covenant with it. This “mini” covenant (an extension of our covenant with Christ) carries privileges and responsibilities, and is not to be taken lightly...there are sound biblical reasons for leaving one local church to attend another, but the reasons for departure must derive from sound biblical reasons, not personal whims and preferences. Biblically leaving a local church involves transferring covenant duties and privileges from one local body to another."

This is sound advice for the Protestant millieu. But somehow, I've missed the notion of the one glorious Bride adorned for her Husband in all of this thinking... the whole scenario of churchly contracting sounds more like a car dealership to me.