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Monday, August 06, 2007

Hooray Hooray!

Happy Day! I've found my new favorite blog, and it's authored by girls!!! See Reformed Chicks Blabbing. It's fabulous. How fun to see good political theologies from The Other Side of the Tiber. CF their official quote:
"...civil religion is the misidentification of the nation of the United States with the covenant people of God. It is the casual assumption that America enjoys a special role in redemptive history. It is the confusion of the office of the political leader with the office of the spiritual leader. It is the frequent presumption of divine blessings without submission to divine judgment. It is the sublimation of Christian distinctives to a generic amalgam that conflates many faiths into a common national identity. It is as old as America itself. And it is not biblical Christianity." - William Inboden

Happy Dance.