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Friday, September 07, 2007

Evangelism 101

My posts frequently point out the varieties of explanations about our salvation in the Christian tradition, but really, what I want this blog to be about- and my entire life- is the celebration of the fact that our Redeemer lives. So. I had the privilege of constructing a small course on evangelism for teenagers this past summer, and it was a lot of fun. I plan to post some excerpts from the course for the next couple of weekends.

The Evangelism Web

On the first day of the course, the students form a network web to illustrate the numerous people, connections, and statements that are involved in a person coming to understand the Gospel. The students stand in a circle. Each takes turns asking another one of the key questions listed below. As the questions are asked, the string is handed from one student to the other until each student holds a portion of the continuous string in one or both hands. Thus, a web is formed. Once the web is formed, the students to stand perfectly still with the string in their hands; as long as no one moves, nothing happens. Slowly, each student in the circle takes a turn tweaking the string. Each tweak is felt by all within the web- in the same way, each and every evangelistic effort impacts the Church’s evangelizing mission.

The students also play a game of catch, tossing a ball from one person to the next. When the ball is tossed, a question is asked about our faith; before the ball can be passed on, the person who caught it has to answer the question. How quick are you at giving a good answer?-

1. Who is Jesus? Why do I believe in Him?
2. What is the Gospel?
3. When did I know for sure that I wanted to be a Christian?