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Monday, November 05, 2007

Christian Love, Pietist Style

Good stuff:

“If we can therefore awaken a fervent love among Christians, first towards one another and then towards all men, and put this love into practice, practically all that we desire will be accomplished. For all the commandments are summed up in love. …We must also practice this love; we must become accustomed not to lose sight of any opportunity in which we can render a service of love to our neighbor, and yet while performing it we must diligently search our hearts to discover whether we are acting our of true love or some other motive. If we are offended, we should especially be on our guard, not only that we refrain from all vengefulness, but that we may also give up some of our rights and insistence on them for fear that our hearts may betray us and feelings of hostility may become involved. ... that in such self-control we may hurt the old Adam, who is otherwise inclined, and that love may be more deeply implanted in our hearts… and if there is doubt as to whether one is obligated to do this or that for one’s neighbor, it is always better to incline towards doing it rather than leaving it undone. – The Pietists, Selected Writings.