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Monday, December 10, 2007

One of many YWAM ballads

... that the young people who died in yesterday's shooting would have known well. We used to sing the song below while cleaning soup kitchens. The sentiment is echoed in a statement made by YWAM yesterday- "it is a great tragedy that our culture seems to produce so many deeply troubled people who express their frustration in violence. We forgive the assailant and we rededicate ourselves to the hope that we might bring healing."
The Dreams of God

Break my heart with the things that break yours;
Break my heart for those who have not heard your voice
There’s a place within my heart that longs and cries for only you
There’s a burning in my soul to see the Bride united with the Groom
Let the children come, and fall upon their knees before you
Burn it in my heart to see the dreams of God come true.