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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Analogia Entis Anecdotes

1. Bruce Marshall stayed true to form and illustrated one of his points with reference to a late arrival-- poor guy.

2. Fr. Richard Schenk quipped that 1) the fear of Scholasticism is the sign of a false prophet and 2) that the analogia entis controversy launches us not so much into a paradigm of Protestant/Catholic divisions, but into a cooperative "fugue" (shades of Miroslav).

3. General Consensus? We recalled that everyone is just so tired of turning these considerations on 16th century questions. Read the Joint Declaration on Justification. As Ratzinger told us, we've got plenty of good answers to 16th century questions... but now people wonder whether there is a God at all. Or a Jesus. Or a Church. And regardless, feminists won't let us speak freely about them anyway.

4. Bruce McCormack got visibly steamed at a student's ambitious suggestion that Barth has neither an ecclesiology nor a sacramentology; Martin Bieler saved the day by recalling that Balthasar once told him personally that he (Balthasar) had written everything for Barth- as in "I wrote it all for Barth." Wow.

5. Lobbying: there seems to be a sort of synthesizing mood with regard to old distinctions between juridical and ontological realities; the delightful Olli- Pekka Vainio has just successfully defended Justification and Participation in Christ: The Development of the Lutheran Doctrine of Justification from Luther to the Formula of Concord, 1580.

Folks were also talking about K. Todd Billings' Calvin, Participation, and the Gift: The Activity of Believers in Union with Christ. Awesome.

6. All hats off to Hart, who offered to sing Sinatra tunes in lieu of offering his (unfinished) presentation, on account of excruciating back pain and extensive medication... so his talk was pure gift.

7. Saints invoked: Maximus the Confessor, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, Nicene Fathers, Gregory of Nyssa, and (in time) John Webster.

8. Speakers' Bios are here.

9. Yours truly was whisked off to Baltimore on Saturday morning with George Weigel and Cardinal William Henry Keeler for a tour of the Baltimore Basilica and a brief conversation on Anglican/Catholic dialogue... more about that later, maybe. Just had to brag a little.

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