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Friday, April 18, 2008

Pope Benedict Tidbits

...The spot for following the Pope's visit to the US seems to be here, at the blog Christ Our Hope: Pope Benedict XVI, Apostolic Journey to the United States. Awesome.

...I was moved to hear about the Holy Father's quietly planned meeting with victims of abuse yesterday. That paternal gesture is exactly what is needed for the real restoration of those who have been injured; the civil law of torts can offer nothing like it. As we have discussed before, the law of the land rightly reserves the right of self-adjudication to the hierarchical, sovereign body of the Church, and it is in light of this kind of prerogative that the Church can do what needs to be done to remedy the wrongs of some of her members.
Albert Mohler and +James Stanton offer Protestant reflections on the Papal visit here and here, respectively.

...And finally, overheard in Systematics last week:

UMC Prof: "Come on- what's really at stake for Catholics in accepting papal infallability?"

Catholic Prof: "... well... what's really at stake for Protestants in rejecting it?"