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Monday, April 21, 2008

Saint Peter, Servant of his Brothers

Canterbury Tales offers a good summary of the Scriptural reasons for Catholics in the USA getting so excited about greeting their Holy Father in the faith last week, and the reasons why our allegiance follows him- as the inheritor of the Petrine ministry which Christ instituted for the Church- back to Rome:

"An investigation of the New Testament reveals that Peter is not just another apostle. Nor is he merely prima inter pares - first among equals. Rather, he is deeply conformed to the work and mission of Christ. He is, as we say, the vicar of Christ.

Peter’s name is mentioned 195 times in the New Testament – more than all the other Apostles combined."

Mt 16:18 – Jesus: "on this rock (Peter) I will build my Church."
Mt 16:19 – Jesus: "I will give you the keys of the kingdom…whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven."
Lk 22:32 – Jesus: Peter’s faith will strengthen his brethren
Jn 21:17 – Jesus: Peter is Christ’s chief shepherd who “feeds the sheep.”

Lk 24:34 – Peter is first apostle to see resurrected Christ
Mk 16:7 – angel sent to announce resurrection to Peter
Acts 1:13-26 – Peter oversees the election of Matthias
Acts 2:14 – Peter preaches the first apostolic sermon
Acts 3:6-7 – Peter performs the first apostolic miracle
Acts 8:21 – Peter excommunicates the first heretic
Acts 10:44-46 – Peter baptizes the first Gentile
Acts 15:7 – Peter presides over the first apostolic council
Acts 15:19 – Peter pronounces the first apostolic dogma
Gal 1:18 – Paul submits himself to Peter after his conversion

This family is always growing...join us! :)