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Friday, May 23, 2008

Summering: A Novel Meme

This time next week, my spring term will finally be over, and I plan to follow my advisor's endorsement of taking one summer month to do nothing but read novels. Cannot wait. The problem is, I have not actually read a novel in a very, very long time. I need some good suggestions for summer reading! I'm going to borrow from Ben Myer's old book meme to help me tap our readers' brains for suggestions.

One novel that changed your life:

One novel that you’ve read more than once:

One novel you’d want on a desert island:

One novel that made you laugh:

One novel that made you cry:

One novel that you wish had been written:

One novel that you wish had never been written:

One novel you’re currently reading:

One novel you’ve been meaning to read:

...I particularly tag Amy Welborn, J-Tron, Mrs. J., Taylor, and any of the Hawkins'.