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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Medieval Antisemitism?

“We grant (the Jews) the buckler of our protection… We make the law that no Christian compel them, unwilling or refusing, by violence to come to baptism…Too, no Christian ought to injure their persons, or with violence to take their property, or to change the good customs which they have had until now in whatever region they inhabit…Besides, in the celebration of their own festivities, no one ought disturb them in any way… nor ought any one try to require from them or to extort from them services they do not owe, except for those they have been accustomed from times past to perform.

If anyone, however, shall attempt, the tenor of this degree once known, to go against it...let him be punished by the vengeance of excommunication, unless he correct his presumption by making equivalent satisfaction."

Pope Callixtus II, Sicut Iudaeis (1119-1124)