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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anglican Use Society

The Anglican Use of the Roman Rite is a generous aspect of the Pastoral Provision set up by John Paul II to facilitate the reception of Episcopalians into the Catholic Church.

The opening meeting of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Anglican Use Society will be held TONIGHT in Ft. Worth at the College of St. Thomas More.
Readers are welcome!

Where: College of St. Thomas More
3115 Lubbock Ave, Fort Worth TX 76109

When: Third Thursday of every month beginning Thursday, September 18th.

Who: Speakers at the meeting, who will present and help guide discussion, are:

Harry Lacey (former Anglican Priest and fellow at the College of St. Thomas More)

Fr. Alan Hawkins (Priest of St. Mary the Virgin Catholic church in Arlington Texas)

Fr. Will Brown (Rector of Holy Cross Episcopal)

Following the meeting is a course provided by the College of St. Thomas More and taught by Dr. James Patrick on Cardinal John Henry Newman. This class will be held on a weekly basis from 7-10 PM at the College of St. Thomas More.

The Purpose of the Anglican Use Society is to achieve and further the following goals:

* Increase knowledge and understanding of the special Pastoral Provision of Pope John Paul II for the Anglican Usage of the Roman Rite, ( under the leadership of the Most Rev. John J. Myers, Ecclesiastical Delegate for the Pastoral Provision and Archbishop of Newark.

* Support existing Personal Parishes of the Anglican Use, all Pastoral Provision congregations, and to encourage the formation for the Catholic Church of new common identity congregations of the Anglican Use.

* Encourage and support converts to the Catholic Church who are geographically distant from an Anglican Use congregation.

* Maintain Anglican Use identity through the daily use of The Book of Divine Worship for personal prayer and through fellowship and common prayer with like-minded Catholics in close proximity to each other.

* Promote the solidarity of Catholics and Anglicans aspiring to full communion with the Catholic Church. Those Anglicans who are not yet in full communion with the Church are invited to join the Society as Associate Members, and to work together with this apostolate to promote the unity of all Christians with the Holy See.

... and check out the Anglican Use activity in the midwest as well.