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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Saints: Post B.

"We rightly honor the saints when we recognize that they are held up before us as a mirror of the grace and mercy of God. For just as Peter, Paul, and other saints like us in body, blood, and infirmity, were made blessed by the grace of God through faith, so we are comforted by their example that God will look on us in mercy and grace on our infirmity, if we, as they did, put our trust in him, believe in, and call upon him in our infirmity.

Honoring the saints also consists in exercising ourselves and increasing in faith and good works in a manner similar to what we see and hear they have done. Thus the people are to be roused to faith and good works by the example of the saints, as it written in Hebrews 13: remember those who have gone before you... consider the outcome of their life, and follow their faith."

- Martin Luther, "Instructions for the Visitors of Parish Pastors"