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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What We Do: Huntsville Pilgrimage for Life '08

Almost one thousand Catholics gathered yesterday in Huntsville, Texas, in response to our bishops' invitation to celebrate the Kingship of Christ and His gracious endowment of inalienable dignity to every person, from conception to natural death. Accordingly, we walked quietly between the Huntsville Planned Parenthood and the federal unit for state executions, and we interceded for an increase of faith, hope, love, and the cherishing of human life at all stages of development and in all circumstances.

From the top: a prayer map covered with the names of supporting Catholic parishes in Texas; a Byzantine Catholic priest and parishioners joined in; Cardinal DiNardo of Houston greets pilgrims after the closing prayer; enthusiastic young people and toddlers made up a solid number of the pilgrims, and did their share to guarantee the Church's witness to the world in the next generation; the relevant icons reminded us of God's gift of perfect motherhood in a world which murders its weakest children; a Benedictine sister pauses in prayer in front of the state execution center, with its enormous clock to mark the precise moment of retribution;... onward, quiet Christian soldiers.

We sang this hymn:

Church of God, elect and glorious,
holy nation, chosen race;
called as God's own special people,
royal priests and heirs of grace:
know the purpose of your calling,
show to all his wondrous name.
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