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Friday, August 28, 2009

Martin Luther on Sola Scriptura

... From our friends at Wiki and Patrick O' Hare's The Facts about Luther:

"In matters of faith, to be sure, each Christian is for himself Pope and Church.”

“There will be the greatest confusion. Nobody will allow himself to be led by another man’s doctrine or authority. Everyone will be his own rabbi: hence, the greatest scandals.”

“There are as many sects now and beliefs as there are heads. This fellow has nothing to do with baptism. Another one denies the sacraments. A third believes there is another world between this one and the last day. Some teach that Christ is not God. Some say this, some say that. There is no rustic so rude that if he dreams or fancies anything believes it must be the whisper of the Holy Spirit and that he himself must be a prophet.”

“Since the downfall of Popery, and the cessation of excommunication and spiritual penalties, the people have learned to despise the word of God. They no longer care for churches, they have ceased to fear and honor God. After throwing out the yoke of the Pope, everyone wishes to live as he pleases.”

"If God had not closed my eyes, and if I had foreseen these scandals, I would never have begun to teach the gospel."

"If the world lasts, it will be necessary, on account of the differing interpretations of Scripture which now exist, that to preserve the unity of faith, we should receive the Catholic councils and decrees and fly to them for refuge."