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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From CNA: Hyundai pulls television ad after Catholic uproar

Many of you may have seen the blatantly sacriligious commercial aired by Hyundai during the World Cup matches this past weekend; the awful commercial has merited the company's apology for its "insensitivity" in mocking a Catholic procession and nuptial Mass, while "Agnus Dei" is chanted in the background.

You can read more here: "Responding to “enough of an outcry” from Catholic individuals and blogs, Korean car maker Hyundai announced on Monday that it has pulled a World Cup-themed television ad that ran during the USA-England soccer match on Saturday featuring a "church" in Argentina mocking Catholic sacraments." Fox offers an additional report here.

It's disconcerting to see a major company based in South Korea, one of the world's largest and most vibrant Protestant Christian populations, hiring this kind of advertising; it's shameful to see a California-based ad agency like Innocean Worlwide Americas, the advertisement company which created the ad, devising such a coarse treatment of a religious topic in our allegedly highly sensitized era. And most of all, it's gratifying to see Catholics rallying around their Lord and the faith once delivered, in a way which really makes a difference. In a time when so many Catholics are wondering whether and when to speak up about anything, this instance provides a lot of encouragement... let's speak up.

HT: Andy Bartus, who alerted me to this news.