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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Blessed Conchita of Mexico

“I did not see there was any other pathway for me to come to God... I am going to seek my perfection and become a saint on carrying out the sacred duties of a mother.” (the latter from Diary, October 1901)

This amazing woman was the wife of one, the mother of nine, and the foundress of the religious community in which she died at the age of seventy-five; "her children all had the same words to say about their mother. She was balanced, simple, fun-loving, always turning the conversation toward Christ without boring anyone. She had a deep love for the poor and those who suffered. She wore a constant serenity that made even the most difficult situations, possible to get through. She (would say) time and again, ‘Everything passes, except having suffered for God out of love.’ The Lord led Conchita to an always-deepening interior life with Him. He led her to prayer. She received visions about the renewal of the Church and about her own mission and vocation as a mother for priests and foundress of communities." More here.