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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Bare Shoulders in Church

... Leave it to Biblical Womanhood to bring up something so useful as the weather warms up here in CT and my poor boys have to escape to the deep dark library to avoid all of the sundresses.

The Relevant Texts:
Fashion and Following the Savior
Modesty Check
Modest Women, Honorable Men (my pick)
A Return to Modesty (my favorite... and a serious nod to what Orthodox Jewish women have to teach us)

All clergy persons reading here should NB that there is nothing like pastors addressing something so practial about something so critical to young people. Lust is deadly.

These are my rules:

1. No bare shoulders or knees in church. This is what pashminas and adorable shawls are for.
2. If FR. WB raises his eyes, that's bad.
3. Prep women are modest. Cf the Handbook.
4. Bare backs on the street are just plain silly. So is anything hinting of thigh.
5. Women should re-discover the allure of long skirts and tasteful tops in the summer time. I thus refer all of my girl friends to the true repository of Christian aesthetics in fashion....