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Saturday, April 29, 2006


... The Ranter is always so kind to provide these fun fun things.

I in turn tag all Vocatum Contributors, including BFC, because its good weekend therapy, and...

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More About Yours Truly, Being Lax About Her Privacy...

Accent: Texan when I'm home, annoying British intonations when in the NE... you should hear Fr. WB when HE travels...
Chore I Hate: Getting my car washed.
Dog or Cat: Absolutely dog! A mini black dachsund named "pundit"... in my dreams.
Essential Electronics: Laptop, cell phone, IPod for working out.
Favorite Cologne(s): Anything from Creed; Prescriptives "Calyx;" Kate Spade "Beautiful."
Gold or Silver: Gold! - I feel really strongly about this-.
Hometown: Remember the Alamo!
Insomnia: Hardly.
Job Title: Masters student, going on PhD.
Kids: God willing, a little girl named Coeli Christi (get it?!) and a little boy named after his daddy someday...
Living arrangements: Apartments, with whistful glances at my parents' ranch.
Most admirable trait: My advisor says its "moxie." My dad says its wisdom.
Overnight hospital stays: Three, when a car ran over my head when I was a child.
Phobias: Swimming in the ocean, elevators, cramped spaces, the dark.
Quote: "Come as you are."
Religion: Christian. Evangelical, charismatic, hyper orthodox, sometimes reluctant Anglo Catholic (who really ought to be Roman Catholic, but am in love with Fr. WB, so....)
Siblings: Oldest of six, four charming boys and two formidable girls.
Time I wake up: Lately, 4:00 AM.
Unusual talent or skill: I always score perfectly on the verbal sections of standardized tests.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Steamed broccoli.
Worst habit: Anxiety.
X-rays: Teeth and neck (cf childhood accident).
Yummy stuff I cook: Famous Easter quiche, Indian beans and rice, ice water.