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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bad Form, UCC!

So I am running on my treadmill the other night, and The United Church of Christ delivers its new set of "we love everyone, unlike the others" ads via the telly. May God bless the UCC in every way, but what the heck? Has anyone seen these ads?

The scene is the interior of a large church. First, a single African American woman holding a crying child is forcibly ejected from her seat by some sort of hidden projectile and tossed to the ground. Second, a very PDA gay couple are projected through the air in a similar fashion. For some reason, the episode continues with an elderly couple, an Arab woman, and so on being thrown through the air. The message: "Jesus does not exclude, neither do we." HUH?

Unbelievable; These images are abusive! ... I noted no reference whatsoever to that Cross which embraces us and holds us accountable both to embrace the Other, and to obey. Interesting what happens when we ignore that crucial bit and simply "eject"... or better yet, claim that "God is Still Speaking," when we tell Him what to say!

Bad Form, UCC!