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Friday, May 12, 2006

Apologize: Da Vinci Crux

Oh the lamentable state of our culturally illiterate culture... oh dark days that we should live through such times as these, where the masses join with the elite in supposing that the facts of history and tradition are quite expendable for the silliest of intrigues... oh lame saint. (yes, I have read it twice now myself)

So out The Da Vinci Code comes next week. I have long resorted to dismissing it with a charming wave of the hand, because I can. But we all should be ready to gloss over the most poignant of the silly bits, so here are some good sites-

From Campus Crusade:
From apologist Josh McDowell:
From Catholic Response:

Not surprisingly, my favorite perspective comes from Campus Crusade-

"Controversy and dialogue are always healthy for religion as a whole! We welcome an honest examination of the facts and regard this movie as an excellent opportunity for people to come to know the true Jesus, of Scripture and history, and to be able to experience a life-changing encounter with Him."

They continue-

"Based on our past track record, we conservatively estimate that at the peak of the spiritual interest during the release of the movie, we will see hundreds of people each day contacting us and asking questions about Jesus and how He can become their Savior. Please pray that many will enter His Kingdom." (Contact them here- )