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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Legend of the Dogwood

CT is ariot with these gorgeous trees in bloom this spring... I have never seen anything like it. The breathtaking beauty is attached to a charming legend, given the cruciform shape of the dogwood flower; I happily found it mentioned in my church bulletin yesterday. If you have these gorgeous trees blooming in your area, what a perfect opportunity to share this anecdote with a friend... :)

As legend has it, the cross on which Jesus was crucified was made from a dogwood tree. God decreed that the dogwood tree would from that day forth never grow large enough to be used to make a cross.
Thus, the dogwood tree is a small, gnarled tree.

The flower of the dogwood has four petals which makes the shape of a cross.
The center of the flower resembles the crown of thorns with bright red, clustered fruit in the center representing the blood of Christ. The dogwood blooms in April when Easter Sunday marks the resurrection of Christ after the Crucifixion.