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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dame Julian of Norwich, 1417

"...And all manner of things shall be well..."

"What? Wouldest thou comprehend thy Lord's meaning in this thing? Understand it well: Love was His meaning. Who showed it to thee? Love. Why did He show it to thee? For love. Hold thee therein Love, thou shalt know more in the same. With this illumination, the whole mystery of Redemption and the purpose of human life becomes clear, and even the possibility of sin and the existence of evil does not trouble, but is made "a bliss by love. This is the great deed, transcending our reason, that the Blessed Trinity shall do at the last day: Thou shalt see thyself that all manner of thing shall be well.

...God is more nearer to us than our own soul, and in falling and rising we are ever preciously kept in one love. God's dealings with us are in homeliness and courtesy for love maketh might and wisdom fully meek to us. With this we must correspond to God by a happy confidence; failing of comfort is the most mischief into which the soul can fall."

A young Benedictine, who, in loving seclusion, gave to the Church many other such treasures....