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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cantaur on Communion

The NY Times has an article, which may not be news to many readers of this and other blogs, but was to me, about Rowan's response to the theological conflicts within the Episcopal Church. Apparently, Rowan has called for a "covenant" document which would call all member churches of the Anglican Communion to abide by the "Windsor Report" and cease from the ordination of gay bishops, or be marginalized in the Communion.

In a defining moment in the Anglican Communion's civil war over homosexuality, the Archbishop of Canterbury proposed a plan yesterday that could force the Episcopal Church in the United States either to renounce gay bishops and same-sex unions or to give up full membership in the Communion.

The archbishop, the Most Rev. Rowan Williams, said the "best way forward" was to devise a shared theological "covenant" and ask each province, as the geographical divisions of the church are called, to agree to abide by it. [...]

Conservatives hailed the archbishop's move as an affirmation that the American church stepped outside the bounds of Christian orthodoxy when it ordained a gay bishop three years ago. [...]

Church liberals said that any "covenant" would be crafted with the participation of the American church and other provinces that favored full inclusion of gay people. [...]

[Jefferts Schori] said in an interview yesterday that she was heartened by Archbishop Williams's comments in the letter that he would not be able to mend rifts over sexuality single-handedly.

"There were expectations out there that he would intervene or direct various people and provinces to do certain things, and he made it quite clear that it's not his role or responsibility to do that," Bishop Jefferts Schori said.

The rest of it is here.