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Monday, June 26, 2006

Now we settle back to business

... smack dab in the middle of scandalous post-ECUSA General Convention appearances of schism.

I think it one of the most grievous risks on the planet that such situations of unrest in Christ's Body will provoke cynicism in the unchurched and despair in the unbelieving. It is heartbreaking.

No matter how vigorously we grapple with one another, may we never entertain the thoughts of "us" and "them" without holding firmly to the confession that we are ontologically just one. May we hold our hearts open to "those" for whom Christ suffered and died, and for whom He ever lives to intercede. May we seek and serve our Lord in "them." May we earnestly be looking for all that might remain of His glory even in the midst of "their" confusion. May we count ourselves with "them" in "their" sin, as in truth we ARE with "them" in our sin. And may we rejoice beyond words at every opportunity for the compassion and respect that we hope for from others .

I have been bothered by a sad inability to pray as I ought for the after-effects; so I have settled on these very simple sentences:

Lord, give peace. Lord, make us one in truth.

Lord, let us cede nothing to evil. Amen.