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Friday, November 10, 2006

Chains: Sudan Again

Remember those in chains, as though you were bound with them.

I was very encouraged recently to hear of local church's "South Sudan Strategy:" Northwest Bible Church Launches a New Strategy in South Sudan, and it looks something like this...

First, the clear explanation of what is going on in Darfur: Sudan has been plagued by 40 years of Civil War. Muslims in the north have waged war on non-Muslims in the south in an attempt to control its many natural resources. Muslims also see the south, which borders six countries, as a launching point or "bridge for spreading Islam and Arabic cultures" to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

There is now a fragile peace. In a little over four years, South Sudan can vote to secede from Sudan and become its own, independent country.

Then, an understanding of the urgency: Muslims do not want South Sudan to secede and have adjusted their strategy. Instead of war they are attempting peace. Muslims are raising $29,000,000 to establish Islam in South Sudan by building mosques and schools, drilling water wells, caring for orphans and training teachers and religious people. They want to win the hearts of South Sudan by caring for people.

And finally, action: As Northwest Bible Church follows God's leading, we have been called to a new strategy in South Sudan. Our goal is to partner with multiple ministry partners to train the current and future leaders of Sudan to be Christ-like leaders who impact their developing country for Christ. Our first step in South Sudan is partnering with Harvester Reaching the Nations.

Harvesters is an orphanage, school and clinic for those who have been battered by 40 years of civil war. They house over 125 orphans and 440 students. It is run by Mama Lilly and Dennis Klepp, two ordinary folks from Wisconsin. They have lived in Yei, Sudan, for five years. They heard a call from God, “Sell everything you have and give it to the poor.” They did. Now, they and their co-workers are discipling the students and orphans as well as reaching out to the community surrounding their property.

... I am seriously thinking about signing on with a team that is going to Sudan to help with this initiative in early March. You too can learn more at