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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sola Scriptura

"What is crucial to note about the (early church) is that the Scriptures found a home alongside and within a whole series of canonical materials and practices. Even as a list of books, held in the highest esteem within the life of the Church, Scripture was never intended to function on its own in the spiritual nourishment of the people of God. In fact, experience had shown that it was an inadequate bulwark against the infiltration of foreign material into the bloodstream of the Church. It needed to be read and pondered in the context of worship, sacramental practice, credal summary, pedagogical expertise, devout commentary, and iconographic display. This setting in turn required that it be received as a gift of the Holy Spirit, who acted in both its origin and in its current use to bring people to salvation in Christ."

- Billy Abraham, Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology.