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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Vocatum Readers, Help Blogfan with a Tithing Question

This from the inbox:

"I have question about giving that I am seeking wisdom on. I currently have no church home that I feel strongly convicted about giving to, but I know that it is important to tithe. Do you have any thoughts on the subject, or could you recommend a good organization to give to? I've thought about giving to my high school, the teachers there are on less than a missionary's salary, and I believe in their cause. But I may be way out of line on all of this."

Here is what I said: the relevant teachings I have heard is that you have to give where you are fed. Thus, wherever you get your spiritual counsel, comfort, etc. is where your tithe needs to
go. For most people, this is their church, but it could certainly also be the people/ministries who have nurtured you. I just heard a sermon in which the preacher said that it was ok to divide the tithe- IE, 5% to your church and the other 5% to a ministry or charity of
your choice.

...Readers, any thoughts?