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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Plugging Away

- Unashamedly.

First, as per the "Body" part of this humble blog, and with a nod to all that is incarnational and anti-Gnostic in Christendom, allow me to brag that my little brother has just opened his first and fabulous new restaurant in Austin, Texas. I LOVE THIS PLACE, and any readers who are in the area would do well to skeddadle down there for his innovative, exciting, scrumptious "urban BBQ" menu. -Get the spinach salad. It comes with teeny tiny french fries at the bottom and a teeny tiny fried quail egg on top. Yummmm. More here, at

Secondly, a dear friend who runs the FOCUS ministries for NE boarding schools is the son of the Rev. Paul Zahl of Trinity Seminary. Fr. Zahl has just published his latest book, which sounds wonderful: Grace In Practice: A Theology of Everyday Life. Find it here.

...On the recommendation of Dean Zahl's son, which is pretty precious: it's everything i've always hoped he'd write: grace as it plays out in real life (relationships, work,
politics, parents, culture, etc). Provocative in the extreme, full of illustrations and lots of humor, it's also the most readable thing he's written. I could not recommend it more highly...