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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Father Nelson : A to Z

Accent: Pacific Northwest meets Midwest meets Texan
Best feature: Arms
Chore I Hate: last night's dishes
Dog or Cat: dogs all the way
Essential Electronics: my MotoQ and Black Macbook
Favorite Cologne(s): Burberry and the scent of Proraso (my favorite italian shaving cream)
Gold or Silver: Silver
Hometown: Federal Way, WA and Arlington, TX
Insomnia: never
Job Title: Director of Youth and Family Ministries - Saint Laurence Church, Southlake, TX
Kids: One - my little bird Moira Clare (age 8 months)
Living arrangements: 2br/2bath Duplex with my lovely wife
Most admirable trait: itegrity

Nemesis, arch: my childhood mailman, who later rammed my first car to get to our mailbox
Overnight hospital stays: three, all for the same broken arm
Phobias: eternal damnation
Quote: "When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die." Mr. Bonhoeffer
Religion: the One True Catholic Faith
Siblings: Brother Brad (24) and Sister Angela (22)
Time I wake up: 6:30am + 20min snooze
Unusual talent or skill: I can fix just about anything
Vegetable I refuse to eat: peas (situm sativum)
Worst habit: sin
X-rays: elbow, teeth, leg, ankle
Yummy stuff I cook: coq au vin, roasted leg of lamb, chicken alla daviola
Zany extras: I'm an Aggie