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Monday, May 21, 2007

Our Belief: Standing on its Own

I've just dug up a really good apologetical statement made by one of our own contributors. Here it is for your viewing pleasure... and usage.

"The current insistence that we use a 'neutral point of view' when discussing religion seems to be a quixotic quest at best, and one based incorrectly on an idealized vision of scientific knowledge as free of metaphysics. In fact, scientists debate metaphysical claims as a result of their research; for instance, the very process of scientific research requires the metaphysical assumption that the universe works with some regularity and predictability. If science is unable to escape metaphysics, then why should we hold religious claims to a different standard? One of the main problems, then, is that religious people and apologists have become captive to an empirical epistemology that is both imperialistic and unrealistic."

- Lux Intellectus