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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

He Takes Unto Himself a Body

"God took pity on our race, and had mercy on our infirmity, and condescended to our corruption, and, unable to bear that death should have the mastery – lest the creature should perish, and his Father’s handiwork in men be spent for naught – he takes unto himself a body, and that of no different sort from ours. … How much more did God the Word of the all-good Father not neglect the race of men, his work, going to corruption? But, while he blotted out the death which had ensued by the offering of his own body, he corrected their neglect by his own teaching, restoring all that was man’s by his own power. ...God willing to profit men, sojourns here as man, taking to himself a body like the others, and from things of earth, that is, by the works of his body he teaches them, so that they who would not know him from his providence and rule over all things may even from the works done by his actual body know the Word of God which is in the body, and through him the Father.”

St. Athanasius of Alexandria, AD 296- 373