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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I bit the bullet. The Nelsons were always mentioning their extensive list of ought-to- be- boycotted businesses that support Planned Parenthood. I stalled my own acquaintance with this list for a while, knowing that once informed, I would then be fully responsible to boycott every institution that gives money to kill babies. And now, I have seen the light/list, and I am gearing up never again to shop Whole Foods, Neiman Marcus, Wal Mart, Cingular, Aveeno, or Ponds, among many others (woops, did I let those names slide?)

So. Christian readers, brace yourself and march over to Life Decisions International for your own list of corporations that have no business getting Christian money. The List has to be ordered- this is for the serious- or you can cheat a little and get a very brief list by Googling "boycott list planned parenthood" or something like that; I did, and retrieved the following.

I know, it's challenging. Non-murderous brands tend to be the sort that are not exactly cheap. But to complain about dying babies without raising a real protest is ultimately just sulky, and to stand for the life of the unborn while inadvertently funding their demise is tragically self-defeating.