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Monday, September 10, 2007

Sacrament Envy and Federal Vision Theology

In the PCA (Presbyterian Church of America) folks have been hearing news about "Federal Vision Theology." Apparently a key group in Moscow, Idaho, has been criticizing the PCA for its stance on justification and the sacraments. So far, their proposals have been rejected by the PCA, though there are interesting implications for their influence in the future. It has been suggested that some of the Federal Vision critiques of traditional reformed theology aproximate quasi- RC thought. What do you think?

Wikipedia defines the Federal Vision Theology developments in Protestant circles as follows:

"The Federal Vision (hereafter FV) seeks a restatement of traditional Reformed theology that applies a more robust Covenant theology in the study of the relationship between obedience and faith, and the role of the Church and Sacrament in our salvation. Proponents are a loosely organized but vocal group of writers among the confessional Reformed and Presbyterian churches who appear intent on revising core confessional doctrines of election, covenant, sacraments, and justification. The FV proponents are reacting to problems in the contemporary evangelical and Reformed churches, such as the rampant individualism, the neglect of the covenantal objectivity of salvation, an over-emphasized subjectivity in seeking assurance of salvation, the tendency towards antinomianism in some circles, and an inadequate view of the role of the sacraments as signs and seals of salvation." offers a gold mine of sources for learning more about this development; see especially Peter Leithart's article on sacramental piety. There is also an interesting synopsis at Banner of Truth.