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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sailing Home

“That there might be a way by which we could go, He has come from Him to whom we wished to go. And what has He done? He has appointed a tree by which we may cross the sea. For no one is able to cross the sea of this world, unless born by the cross of Christ. Even he who is weak embraces this cross; and he who does not see from afar whither he goes, let him not depart from it, and it will carry him over. He approached, that for us He might become this; and He became that for us, on which the weak may be borne, and cross the sea of this world and reach their native country, where there will be no need of a ship, for no sea is crossed…let these things suffice for the presence, and be ye edified in Christ; be ye comforted in faith, and watch in good works, and see that you do not depart from the wood by which you may cross the sea.” St. Augustine, Homilies on John 1, 2.