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Thursday, June 26, 2008

MM's Update: please pray for our friends in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s opposition party warned Thursday of growing political genocide at the hands of government supporters, urging the world to intervene immediately before the situation gets worse.
As sometimes happens with the World Youth Alliance, we have had to set up an impromptu headquarters to deal with an emergency. We have spent the past 24 hours trying to provide protection and assistance to some of the regional coordinators for Catholic Relief Services who are related to our work in the region. These people and their children have received serious death threats on account of their positions in light of the upcoming elections in Harare on Friday.

So, a peaceful Benedictine office on the shores of Newport has lately turned into a buzzing center of international phone calls and emails regarding emergency safe havens and border crossings in deepest Africa. This is how it should be among the Church's people. Please join us in urgent prayer for God's servants on the other side of the globe. We really, really want to help save their lives today.

And pray also for our brave campers, who are carrying on with their activities while praying and enjoying critical international work first hand...

You can learn more about the Zimbabwe crises at the BBC online, or at a related blog network here.