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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We've been busy

... MM has been recovering from the WYA summer camp, keeping an eye on Zimbabwe, and entertaining friends in the heart of Texas; Lux has been doing all of the dilligent and excellent things that Lux does, and Timothy is spending the month in prayer at the Benedictine monestary in Norcia. Summer is such a great time.

Other little things to report include an article on ecumenism in the developing world by MM that's just out at the Journal of Religion, Conflict and Peace (it's an early thing, reflecting a pretty unformed ecclesiology, but you know, good for a rainy day); the upcoming Augustine blog conference at Per Caritatem, where I'll be talking about Augustine and 20th-21st Century Thinkers; and of course, the 2008 Anglican Use Conference will be taking place in my hometown this week, which is exciting.

How have you been enjoying your summer so far?