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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nicaea on What it Means to be Catholic

... Or, why the terms "Catholic," "Anglican," "Lutheran," "Methodist," and their respective bishops etc. can be neither mutually interchangeable nor juxtifiable:

"It is by all means proper that a bishop should be appointed by all the bishops in the province; but should this be difficult, either on account of urgent necessity or because of distance, three at least should meet together, and the suffrages of the absent bishops also being given and communicated in writing, then the ordination should take place... But in every province the ratification of what is done should be left to the (one) Metropolitan of that province."

- Canons of the Council of Nicaea, AD 325.

The Council of Serdica established in 343 that in the case of a conflict between the provincial bishop and the (one) Metropolitan, the matter was to be taken to the (one) Bishop of Rome.