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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Living in Advent Hope: In the Church, Visible Sign of Invisible Glory

“Christ received (His) two consecrations… as Head and Chief of a restored humanity: the first consecrated Him as Priest, the second as Sanctifier or as Savior. Both are to overflow from Him upon all those who become His members and form His body, as the nervous impulses start from the head to move the whole body. Something parallel may be noted in the case of the third communicable privilege of Christ, His spiritual kingship over minds in the speculative and practical orders; which is to be poured out on men by means of the jurisdicational power. The Church thus appears as an extension to men of the communicable privileges of Christ. Taken in her fullness and perfection she results from a triple incorporation of men into Christ their Head by way of influx into them of something of His priesthood, something of His grace, and something of His truth. She participates in the privileges of Christ… Her mission (thus) will not be simply to recall memories, however great and divine they may be, but really and efficaciously to continue through space and time the first initiative taken by Christ in inaugurating on the threshold of the last age a new worship, communicating a grace that of itself looks to the redemption of the world, and openly and authoritatively proclaims the message of deliverance to human minds.” 
Journet 59.