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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two recent articles worth a read

I ran across these two articles and found them both interesting. The first, is an article by an atheist in the London Times claiming that Africa needs Christianity. An absolute must read and a nice piece of intellectual honesty.

The second is an article in the NY Times confirming that religion is good for self-control.

The interesting thing about both articles is that the authors seem to think that religion is a good (and Christianity in particular in the first), but can't seem to wonder if it might be good for them too. The question they can't seem to ask themselves is (to paraphrase our current Pope), "What if it is true?" It would seem odd to think that Christianity is good if it isn't also true; in fact, no matter what the societal benefits, it would seem almost demonic if it was false, for then people would be acting in great self-delusion.