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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Anglican Use

Fr. WB is such the churchhound; he and I have sniffed out some of the coolest places and people of worship the world over, and today's find at the Our Lady of the Atonement Church in San Antonio, Texas, is no exception.

(The Church of the Advent in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, which we literally stumbled into a few years ago, still tops the list, nontheless)

This Roman Catholic parish is "Anglican Use," so the prayers and order are wonderfully familiar to the Anglo Catholic. Fr. WB was Rather Enamored, claiming that this sort of arrangement is perhaps The Wave of the Future for faithful Anglicans. I rather hope so.

Very Good Things at Our Lady of the Atonement (if one is willing to look past a little faithful kitsch...)

1. Robust, masculine, well-ordered liturgy
2. Lots of young people out for Mass on Saturday morning
3. Big Construction project underway to expand the sanctuary, indicating need for room to accomodate Growing Numbers... a huge chapel for Adoration... and enormous "cry rooms" for all the babies (we found one named John Paul)
4. Large, growing school immediately attached.

All in all, hooray!