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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Coming Hu, What To Do

So China's President Hu, bless him, will be signifying his cozy relationship with my university in a very cozy trip to campus tomorrow. This is all fine and grand, (we reserve the right to find anyone interesting around here) and perhaps really great both for present Chinese students and those who will come to Yale in the future.... but I have all too immediate memories of our having to speak in hushed voices whenever the topic of Christianity came up in Beijing a few weeks ago, and another of a scary security guard following my mother and I around to listen in on our conversation.

And then there are all the serious rumors of human rights abuses and persecutions.

And he did ban my blog.

Fr. WB seems to have given his tacit consent to my joining the protestors out on the Town Green tomorrow. So do I go?... or not? (Send nifty slogans for my poster board while you are at it, just in case...)