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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Catherine of Siena, 1380

Feast Day, April 29

(the patroness of this blog....)

One of those child saints who fled the good life in order to fast and promised hard her life to virginity... an advocate of the Church and an adviser of pontiffs... a doctor of the Church and a prototype of the mystical Bride of Christ... A Dominican and a robust fan of horse racing.

“I write to strengthen you in the precious blood of the Son of God, desiring to see you consumed in the fire of his charity….”When God visits you with measureless gifts, let your memory open immediately to receive what your intellect knows in His divine love, and let your will rise with burning desire to receive and gaze at the blazing heart of the giver, the gentle, good Jesus. Thus, you will find yourself burning and clothed with fire, and with the gift of the blood of God’s Son, and you will be free from all pain and unease. This is what took away the pain of the holy disciples when they had to leave Mary and one another, although they willingly bore the separation in order to spread the word of God.

Run, run, run to Him."

-- Saint Catherine of Siena