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Monday, April 24, 2006

A Revived Side Bar

...In light of that Resurrection that we are all celebrating, I thought I'd better not waste any more time by delaying the addition of some fab new links... the Eschaton could be right around the corner...

1. Nuns who blog!

I knew they were out there. Their blogs are lovely and wonderful. They are Sister Marianne and Sister Anne, both of the Daughters of St. Paul. So compelling and yet so domestic. ...

Huge Hat Tip to Shrine of the Holy Whapping for the intro.

2. Welcome Back WM!

...we have missed him so. W is now in full force again, looking for a good woman and sharing his Thoughts from Seminary. Depending on the day, those thoughts might be of swimming the Tiber or of propping up Canterbury, but they will always be nice. Fr. WB depends on this man completely, by the way.

3. A new friend!

First Apostle and I have been casting curious glances at each other's blog life for a while now, and I am always impressed by his stunning portraiture of Rowan! Also piquant commentary.

Did you know that this very blog was first privy to the Cantuar's love for marzipan, friend?