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Sunday, April 30, 2006


MM tagged me:

Accent: Before I became self-conscious about it, "none," e.g. "American." Lately I have been adding more and more of a drawl, which alternates with clipped British intonations on words like "trespasses," where the "a" is unusually short.
Chore I Hate: All of them. Except washing dishes, which I do with unusual relish.
Dog or Cat: Cats, although I have nothing against dogs; cats are just easier in everyway. Plus, cats and I seem to have an innate understanding of each other. No doubt it's the mutual love of naps.
Essential Electronics: Laptop, which with external monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse has become desktop; cell phone, which is primarily used for text messaging.
Favorite Cologne(s): None. Or, as a friend of mine recently put it, "Prell."
Gold or Silver: Neither. I abhor jewelry (on my person).
Hometown: Portsmouth, Virginia. Major exports: Me.
Insomnia: I wish. I fantasize that if I had insomnia I could get a lot more done in my life. In fact, I would probably just spend that time on the internet.
Job Title: "Mud," if I don't mobilize and finish grad school.
Kids: I have nothing against the little imps.
Living arrangements: Apartment, although for over a year I have been insisting that I am about to move any month now.
Most admirable trait: I really couldn't say. False humility?
Number of sexual partners: Anything greater than zero is sealed by the confessional! (It's zero.)
Overnight hospital stays: One, week-long hospital stay following major surgery in 2001. That was a scary time.
Phobias: Claustrophobia, Hypochondria, Academia.
Quote: "Art is whatever the artist says it is."--Myself. (I am eminently quotable.)
Religion: Roman Catholic, by the grace of God.
Siblings: Two, an older and a younger brother.
Time I wake up: Lately, and to my shame, 9:30 most mornings.
Unusual talent or skill: An ability to acheive mediocrity at everything I put my hand to. They used to call this being a "renaissance man," but these days I think they call it "Adjunct Professor."
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Hard-boiled eggs. All other comestibles: "Come unto me."
Worst habit: Spending too much time on the internet, as even now.
X-rays: When I had to spend a week in the hospital, they took a CT-scan of my abdomen, which involved me drinking about a quart or more of some sort of radioactive fluid. Alas, no superpowers were engendered by this experience.
Yummy stuff I cook: Last week I made the chicken salad to end all chicken salads. The secret is to use one of those whole rotisserie chickens you can get at the deli counter and fresh dill. And mayonaise, of course. Raisins, pecans, maybe a diced apple, lemon juice, salt, pepper and a clove or two of garlic are also recommended. Mix thoroughly, place betwen two slices of toasted grain bread with fresh tomato and romaine lettuce. Cut sandwich into triangles--which I can't really emphasize enough--and serve with Terra chips and iced tea.
Zodiac sign: In the Greek zodiac, I am either a Gemini or a Cancer (June 21); on the Chinese zodiac, I am a Sheep. I admit to being incredibly fascinated by this stuff, but give it no (especial) credence.