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Monday, May 01, 2006

Today's Sermon: Why It's My Favorite Catechism

For some reason, we all remained seated during the Gospel reading in Church yesterday, and hence I cannot remember it. Perfect evidence that our bodies need to be liturgically involved. Fr. WB is stuck in the library, so I am also bereft of guidance. So here is my Monday contribution, with fear and trembling.

Everyone is on strike today.
And YES, the RC Church has something good to say about it:

"Recourse to a strike is morally legitimate for workers when it cannot be avoided, or at least when it is necessary to obtain a proportionate benefit. It becomes morally unacceptable when accompanied by violence, or when objectives are included that are not directly linked to working conditions or are contrary to the common good." (RCC, 2435)

So.... are the rallies of Hispanic workers on strike outside my window morally justifiable?... hmmm...