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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Prayers of Thanksgiving

... my last papers of the term and my master's degree are complete as of now. I am grateful for the chance to have poured my tired little heart into some really interesting topics this semester... I am thankful for lots of Earl Grey tea...I am thankful for my friends, for whom I am going to bake cookies tonight in thanks for their support.

I do not know why it took about fifty pages each to say it, but the gist of my research lately has been-

1) The Divided Church in Uganda (for Miroslav) - Solution: Christians need to unite together in obedience to Christ (ecumenism is a Christian duty, not an option), and in the absence of resolved "communion," resolve at least to act towards the denominational Other as Christ commanded us to behave towards our enemies... with love, hospitality, and prayers. This will necessarily involve Protestant pastors and parents refraining from all verbal slurs against Catholics, and vice versa.

2) Evangelical America's Idolization of the Family (for Joe Jones)- Solution: In light of the fact that Scripture posits the Church as God's family, the Christian family may only be properly construed in relation to the church. The church is to be the central social unit and primary allegiance that governs Christian family life, and from which family life derives; Christian families must be ordered towards the service of the Church (and not the other way around) in order to avoid imploding on themselves or worse, being over-run by the state.

Praise, praise the Lord for His help.