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Sunday, July 02, 2006

"I am not simply content to manage a diseased system"

Another note from the rector of a faithful ECUSA church in downtown San Antonio...

I am not simply content to help manage a diseased
system nor am I resigned to accepting these things
as the way that they must be. I intend to lead and
work for change in our church, and I need your help
in doing this.

I'm convinced that ECUSA is a diseased system and
that there is no hope to revive it or change its
direction. There's no going back on what ECUSA has
chosen to be and where our presiding bishops will
lead us. I happened to hear Griswold interviewed on
NPR and Schori interviewed on Diane Reams, and they
are not budging an inch on the agenda that has led
us to this crisis. In terms of ECUSA, it's over and
our only choice is to disassociate.

From your comments, I read in to them that you are
cautious but open to the "covenant" relationship
Archbishop Williams is suggesting, and to us
becoming a "constituent church" in communion with
Canterbury. I'm sure he has the Network and Windsor
dioceses in mind. This is definitely where we are
heading at Christ Church, and it would be great to
walk this road with our bishop and diocese.
I know that all these things take time to work out,
but I need to tell you that I'm dealing with a very
high level of frustration and impatience at Christ
Church. For five years I've been telling our folks
that this crisis will be resolved one way or the
other, and what we've heard is either denial (It's
not a crisis, or it's going to go away), or
platitudes about how we in West Texas are different
and better (We'll go it alone). These responses
don't help. And to be a "Windsor diocese" is helpful
to a point, but if we don't see definite
Windsor-guided actions that lead us away from ECUSA
and closer to the wider Communion, it is meaningless
to most of our people. My hope is that we can walk
the path of realignment with our bishop and diocese
and I can see this happening as long as there is
progress. I will talk with you more about this when
we meet before our July 12 parish meeting.
Anyway, all this is to thank you for the strong
statement above. It sure sounds like we are on the
same track and this gives me hope for working with
our diocese. On a personal level, I have tremendous
empathy for the challenges you face as our leader
and I really appreciate the friendship and support
you have offered me. I am thankful you are my bishop
- the right leader for these days!

Rector, Christ Church