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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Place Where Your Glory Dwells: Fenelon I

I have begun reading the letters of Francois Fenelone, Archbishop of Cambrai in the seventeenth century, on the topic of the peace and joy of utter surrender to God. These letters are interesting because despite their ascetic quality and general theme of renunciation, they are addressed not to a cloister, but to secular lay people living in the decadent court of Louis XIV. How appropos for most of us. These letters are becoming a part of my daily devotions, and I would like to to share some of them.


"I often pray to God that He would keep you in the hollow of His hand. And this He certainly will do, if you remember to keep a humble and obedient spirit... (which) produces the teachable spirit... which makes everything easy. I pray that God will give you a simplicity of trust that will bring your peace."