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Monday, January 29, 2007

Finding God at Harvard: Kelly Monroe

I attended a lecture this weekend in San Antonio given by one of the bravest innovators in campus ministry in our time; Kelly Monroe was on staff as a campus minister for several decades at Harvard before she wrote the watershed Finding God at Harvard, and founded the innovative Veritas Forum model of campus outreach- ecumenical gatherings of students and chaplains for basic Christian apologetics in the academy. Exciting!

... what I have loved about Kelly is the way she speaks. She knows her audience and the knots in which their brains get tied, so she speaks carefully, gently, and with compassion. But she does not hesitate to be profound and to refer to the the depths of what we believe- (for instance, when dealing with DNA researchers, she poetically references the obvious design in the human genome as reflecting "a God who speaks the word, and it tends to become flesh"- wow). In this regard, I love the way Kelly's presentation reflects her content. The Gospel is the most stirring and compelling of gentle invitations; no onslaught, no manipulation. Just a clear description of the One in whom inheres all the truths that we have believed.

More about the work of Veritas Forum here; also, cap's off to the really exciting work being done by the new Institute for Christian life and thought in the Texas Hill Country that hosted Kelly's presentation...